Goals of Public Relation

Goals of Public Relation

Public relation is a two-way communication between an organization and its public. It requires huge amount of patience to build Public Relation of an organization.

An organization needs to listen to departments on which an organization runs.

At the same time it also requires to analyze and understand the attitudes and behaviors of its audiences. Only then an organization can launch a proper public relations campaign.


Public relation goals is to create, maintain, protect& to build on the organization's reputation, enhance its prestige in the eyes of its prestigious customers. Different studies have reviled that a consumers decision making is often base their previous purchase in the similar category. This can directly effect on sales and revenue of the organization. Public relations is an integral part of a company's overall marketing strategy. Public relations campaign of an organization should be synchronized with the marketing strategy implemented to achieve the objectives of the organization.

One of the most important objective of the organization is to create good will of the organization. The Goodwill of the organization is created with the people associated directly withthe organization such as employee, stockholder and investor relations, media relations, and community relations.


A proper public relation campaignneedssound analysis and understanding, of different factors that influence public attitudestoward the organization. The first step of any PR campingincludes analysis and research to identify different factors of the situation. This allows a PR analyst of an organization to understand its various key elementswhich influence their perceptions of the organization.

The second step involves creating an overall policy for the organization with respect to the campaign. This includes reaching out to desired outcomes, desired goals & probable constraints under which the campaign will operate. As well as outline policy guidelines to evaluate proposed strategies of the campaign.

Under the thread step of a PR campaign the organization outlines its strategies and tactics. Using its knowledge of your target audiences and policies, a specific program is developed to achieve the desired objectives. Fourth step is to communicate with the targeted public. Then specific public relations techniques are used to get connected with your audience, this may include press conferences or special events, to reach the intended audience.

Finally,the organization uses the feedback from its public. The reaction of target audience is analyze PR campaign. Are there any new developments in our target audience? Then the organization assesses and makes any necessary adjustments.

Product Public Relations

Public relations and marketing technique which is performed collaterally & closely with overall marketing technique of an organization for promoting a new or existing product or service. It is an integral part of marketing technique in introductions of new product by creating awareness and differentiating the same with its product in the similar products category.This helps inlaunch of a new products through staging a variety of special events and handling sensitive situations.

Employee Relations

Employee retention is one of the most important tactic used by an organization.No organization is willing to lose its well-trained working for them. This is way employee relations is an essential part of an organization. For this the organization need to keep employees informed and providing them with channels of communication to upper levels of management.

Financial Relations

Public Relation also involves keeping their financial relations well informed with the development of the organization. Financial groups like shareholders, stakeholders, debitors, creditors, banks & investors etc. should be well informed with financial status.

Community Relations

Organizations try their best to improve good will and showcase their commitment towards communities when they open new offices, expand facilities, and open new factories. For this they organize variety of special programs to build community relations, including providing employee volunteers to work on community projects, sponsoring educational and literacy etc. which comes under companies CSR policy.

Government and Political Relations

Every organization needs to work with in the policies made by the government. Thus every organization need to have good Public relations in the political arena.This include different activities including debates, seminars for government leaders, impact of government proposed legislation etc.